Collections of bath accessories

Furniture and accessories create an atmosphere of well-being

Villeroy & Boch presents a new, high-quality and extensive accessories range. The collection includes roughly 110 decorative and functional products made from natural materials, glass, ceramic and textiles that harmonise perfectly with one another in tone, style and material. Thanks to Villeroy & Boch, the purely functional “washroom cubicle” becomes a bathroom that is the image of well-being.

Bathroom series in oak and synthetic resin

Essential accessories for the bathroom and toilet become genuine design pieces with Villeroy & Boch: waste bins, toilet roll holders and toilet brushes all have a consistent look. Together with soap dispensers, soap dishes and different shelving and storage accessories, they become eye-catchers. The series are available in different materials: choose from solid oak or synthetic resin.

“Switch” bathroom series in ceramic

The “Switch” series has its origins in Villeroy & Boch's famous dining culture. This historic symbol has also been incorporated into its bathroom series. The motif can be found in many products, including hand towels, vases and shower curtains. It offers the opportunity for you to develop your own coherent bathroom design.
The “Switch” series is manufactured in high-quality ceramic. The pump of the soap dispenser is made from a stainless zinc composite to guarantee durability. The rounded shapes lend the series style and elegance.

“Apothecary glass ” bathroom series

The image of pharmacists' glass bottles from times gone by provided the source of inspiration for the design of the “Apothecary glass” series. The characteristic shape of apothecary glass bottles extends across the entire series, from soap dispensers to soap dishes. The series is available in two colours: the characteristic brown apothecary glass and a simple clear-glass variation. The glass used is exceptionally solid. The series lends your bathroom a special historical flair.

“Glass & Chrome” bathroom series

High in style and with a simple elegance, the “Glass & Chrome” bathroom series stands out. Puristic, clear lines extend right through the entire series. Solid glass ensures a high-quality feel and break resistance. The chrome-plated details underscore the quality of the design.

Shower baskets

Shower gels and shampoo can be stored in these polished-chrome shower baskets that boast a clear, compatible design and excellent functionality: an innovative suction-cup system ensures that the baskets stay firmly attached to tiled shower walls even without screws and wall plugs. The baskets can be easily mounted on smooth surfaces, such as walls, tiles or glass, simply by turning the fitting. The chrome finish lends the items a premium look. Corrosion prevention provides protection against rust and guarantees durability.

Decorative vases

Fresh flowers and blossoming boughs are shown off to their best advantage in the puristic vases of this accessories series. Available in white or silver, the vases are decorated with a pattern: either the “Switch” or the “Zaira” pattern. These motifs are created in the first step of shaping the vase. The vase is then finished in white or coated in silver.

“Drop” storage

The teardrop shape is the standout feature of the decorative “Drop” storage. The vases and storage containers all have a consistent shape. The decorative items are silver coated. Oak lids lend the series warmth and functionality at the same time. The “Drop” series is perfectly suited as small accessories in the bathroom or in other living areas.


The acacia wood decorative accessories include dishes, bowls and decorative birds, and are handmade in Thailand with great care. They are unique creations as each dish has an individual grain and a different shape. Because music completes the atmosphere of well-being, we offer an acoustic iPhone amplifier. Without electricity, its special shape alone creates beautiful acoustics in the bathroom as your space for well-being. We also offer a wall clock that blends beautifully with the Villeroy & Boch bathroom furniture series. Picture frames with two print motifs – “Switch” or “Zaira” – complete the collection. There are also resin tea-light holders that blend superbly with the Bathroom series in synthetic resin as decorative accessories.

Bathroom furniture

The solid-oak furniture with a puristic design ensures that everything can be arranged and stored away space-efficiently and in style, creating clean lines in your bathroom retreat. The articles of furniture are designed so that they can be combined according to your preferences. But these articles can also be beautifully integrated in a bathroom as individual accessories. Although two different raw materials have been used in part, the colours are perfectly coordinated. The Bathroom furniture series boasts a natural look that radiates warmth. Straight lines and modern shapes complete the overall modern-classic image.


Dry off properly after your spa treatment with the soft Villeroy & Boch terry hand towels, woven with the Villeroy & Boch “Switch” motif. There are coordinating bathmats and elegant waffle-weave bathrobes in white, sand, blue or dark grey.
All our textiles are made from 100% cotton, and their weight gives them a luxurious and exclusive feel.