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Sztućce dla dzieci Villeroy & Boch – aby jedzenie sprawiało przyjemność również najmłodszym

Dzięki kolorowym sztućcom dla dzieci Villeroy & Boch nawet nudna papka będzie dla dzieci ciekawą przygodą. Zabawne łyżki pomogą im poznać nowe warzywa! Więcej...
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Children's cutlery from Villeroy & Boch – Making mealtimes fun for the little ones

From baby food spoons to my first knife and fork

Here comes the aeroplane! Even the youngest children have more fun eating baby food when the cutlery is perfectly tailored to their needs. The children's cutlery from Villeroy & Boch has a pragmatic design and is lovingly decorated. You can feed your baby perfectly-sized spoonfuls of puréed carrot, while letting your four-year-old spread his own bread with butter. The adorable stainless steel sets can easily withstand the odd drama at the breakfast table and are simple to clean with a little washing-up liquid. Each children's cutlery set sparks your child's imagination with bright colours and fun characters, bringing a smile to the face of even the pickiest eater.

Spooning peas and mooing – A logical combination

We know that a child's spoon sometimes ends up in ears or hair, is repeatedly thrown onto the floor or mysteriously turns up in a plant pot. That is why the items in the learning cutlery set all have a safe, round shape. Let your child experiment in the knowledge that it will save your fine tableware later. Even the cute animals on the baby cutlery have a purpose. Learning new words and recognising colours, shapes and figures are among the biggest challenges for small children, and a little animal or toy on the child's knife is enough to trigger detailed conversation on mooing and grunting, roaring and beeping, dots and stripes.

Thought like a child, designed for a child

The children's cutlery sets from Villeroy & Boch are all made from high-quality, non-rusting stainless steel. The plastic used for the handles in some collections contains no plasticisers or other substances that could be harmful to your child. All spoons, knives and forks can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher. The colourful motifs, which are best washed by hand, will please your child time and again. The toddler cutlery sets with rounded forks are suitable from 18 months, depending on the child. The larger children's cutlery sets, which allow them to cut their own beans or fish fingers, are the next step on the journey to adult cutlery, for children aged three and over.

Blue sometimes tastes better than cherry

The children's cutlery sets are available in a range of versions. Choose between a full set with a large and small spoon, knife and fork, or a two-piece dinner set with a children's knife and fork. The two baby food spoons are available separately. The colourful unisex designs for babies are later replaced by the cherry red or sea blue utensils of the girls' and boys' learning sets. Needless to say, there are also great designs for brothers and sisters who do not want to choose between princesses and cars. The sets are provided in boxes with lively designs, which are ideal as a special gift for the children of close friends.

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